VMware Cloud Goes Down

Yet more woes for Cloud suppliers, this time VMware it appears an initial outage was fixed and then whilst the company was trying to figure out a procedure of how to prevent the outage occurring again in the process of doing that someone triggered a bigger outage. I just spotted this in Network World:

VMware causes second outage while recovering from first

This all goes to show that cloud systems are just as likely to be affected by human error as stand alone IT systems, another reason that they should be approached with caution and not accepted as the answer to all your IT problems. 

The words “snake oil” come to mind!!



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An IT Consultant, worked for TSB Bank for 18 years, latterley in IT related areas delivering PC based applications to the Branch network. Left the Bank to concentrate on IT and joined DLP Consulting based in Cheltenham and worked as a senior manager there for 6 years. Finally became self employed when DLP went into voluntary liquidation maintaining the customer relationships I had developed whilst in DLP and now helping 20 to 30 regular small business customers and 50 or so private clients with their Windows based PCs, networks and databases.

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