And Finally It’s Microsoft’s Turn

In my continuing rant against Cloud Providers, the one I thought probably couldn’t go down just did and of course that is Microsoft.  Microsoft have effectively been in the Cloud Business for ages with Hotmail and their Live services (soon to be called “Microsoft Account”).

Apparently they were down for a while on the 29th February:

Best laugh is it was a “leap year” bug. Thought we had sorted all the date related bugs like the Millennium etc.

But yet again, even the super brains at Microsoft can’t avoid them!!

The worst thing with large cloud services like these is that they impact greater numbers of people in one go.  Stick with your own IT they can react much more quickly than these monster systems.



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An IT Consultant, worked for TSB Bank for 18 years, latterley in IT related areas delivering PC based applications to the Branch network. Left the Bank to concentrate on IT and joined DLP Consulting based in Cheltenham and worked as a senior manager there for 6 years. Finally became self employed when DLP went into voluntary liquidation maintaining the customer relationships I had developed whilst in DLP and now helping 20 to 30 regular small business customers and 50 or so private clients with their Windows based PCs, networks and databases.

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