Windows 10 – Where is it all Going?

Windows 10 grew out of the mess that was Windows 8. As a long standing Windows user I have to say that Windows 8.0 was a disaster. As a developer on Windows and an MSDN subscriber I was given early access to the early versions of Windows 8.0 and all of us were screaming at Microsoft to change direction as we could see that their “touch first” mantra was going to alienate the vast majority of their user base. As usual, Microsoft was playing “me too” trying to cash in on the iPad craze rather than sticking with the tried and tested Windows platform.

Well, as we all know that did not go well. When it became clear that very few Windows users were even slightly interested in “touch first” and the whole iPad fad would scoop up all the people who really didn’t need or want a full blown PC, but for about a year looked like a whole new market that was going to displace PCs forever. Again we all know how that went!

Now Windows 10 is more like the Windows of old, there is a recognisable start menu and task bar and the touch stuff is there for those people who like it but not at the expense of the vast majority like me who do not.

So where does Microsoft see Windows going now? The new boss of Microsoft, Satya Nadella is obsessed with cloud and his focus with Windows seems to be around using it as a vehicle to get you and I to sign up to the myriad cloud based services that Microsoft offer. This will be things like Office 365 and OneDrive at the corporate level it is Office, Linked In, Skype for Business etc.

I for one am losing patience with Microsoft, they are obsessed with profit and seem to have lost all interest in their customers. All they seem to want to do is sign you up for one service or another.

Thankfully there is an alternative, Linux is a free operating system that you can run on your PC with no need to pay any licence fees or subscriptions and offers Office programs and other applications that allow you to do pretty much what you could with Windows.

Linux is not as polished as Windows, but given that it’s free, I can live with most of its rough edges.

There are now a lot of people who have changed over to Linux in order to escape the Windows or Apple lock in.

If you are sick of licence fees and lock it’s check out Linux Mint, or Ubuntu, which ate friendly Linux installations that can easily replace Windows or MacOS.