More Ammunition Against Cloud Services

I don’t like to say told you so, but …. told you so!

There are a lot of good people who used MegaUpload for legitimate purposes who have now lost access to their data.  I just hope that they have made backups of their own as I suspect it will be a long time before they can gain access to their data whilst the authorities search through the files looking for more evidence of copyright infringement.

I have and always will have a big problem with my data being stored on someone else’s servers that I personally do not have any control over.

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I know it’s all negative, but I think everyone should have a healthy mistrust for personal data stored on the web, you just never know where it goes what it’s used for and if it’s important to you whether it will survive the demise of cloud providers.


The Cloud–An Example Of My Distrust of Cloud Computing

Following on from my previous rant about Cloud Computing and why I am not enamoured with it, today we have the news that Google managed to trash about 150,000 accounts (initially it was reported as 500,000 but then got revised down, probably after they found the backup and restored 350,000 of them)?

See the details here:

I don’t wish to bludgeon Google, I am sure Microsoft and Yahoo and others have had similar problems with their cloud based services as well, but it does illustrate the point I was making in my earlier blog post that you are risking a lot by placing your stuff into the cloud alone as you are totally reliant on the cloud provider not to lose your stuff.

I am sure that Google will have backups and get it all back, but this occurred on Sunday 27th February 2011 and we are now at Tuesday 1st March and not all accounts are restored yet so imagine if this had been a business cloud service that went down on a Monday and you can do no work until Wednesday afternoon?? I think the boss would be pulling his/her hair out by now!

Grab from Google showing the current status after some accounts lost.
Screen Grab From Google After Google Mail Accounts Lost

I rest my case.